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Behind The Lens

Creative. Professional. Expressive. Diverse. Dedicated. Versatile. 

Hello & Welcome to TSE Polished Prints by Lauren!

I am the very proud owner & CEO. I am from the small town of Sulphur, Louisiana.

SWLA is home to my photography studio and also where I currently reside with my 3 beautiful children. Tanner, Sydalee & Emeree.

Hence the name of the company.

T- Tanner (My first love, my only son & my strength)

S- Sydalee (My first daughter & my nurturing side)

E- Emeree (My little runt & my energy)

I was inspired by the children I created to jump into this industry 6 years ago (as of 2024) and since the day I started, I haven't stopped. I fell in love with photography in a way that I can't fathom. Holding that camera, photographing the most beautiful moments, creating so many magical memories gave me a rush of adrenaline and still does till this very day. This is my passion and my dream! I knew one day I would have a studio, publish my work, collaborate with so many amazing people and be an inspiration to others. A lot of late nights, early mornings, hardships, wins, and of course many losses went into this journey of becoming all that I am today. It certainly did not happen overnight and it definitely isn't anywhere close to over. I am still learning, growing and changing each and every day. One thing that always has and will remain the same is my love for creating art within my photos. I hope to earn your business and I look forward to getting to know you and your family!

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Women in Business

Valued Partnerships. Collaborations. Like Minds. Boss Babes. Friendships. 

Behind every successful businesswoman lies another successful businesswoman who encouraged, helped, supported, and lifted her spirits along the way. There are a few women in business that are very vital to the success of TSE and all of the services we provide.

TSE encourages women empowerment and whole heartedly believes in the strength of collaboration.

Here are some of the incredible women we are in partnership with.


Chynna Adams


Owner of HairbyCheenah.

Full Time Hair Stylist at Tease'd Salon in Sulphur, Louisiana

Hair & Make Up Artist for TSE Clients & Boudoir Photography

Extras: Assist TSE in Studio Management &

Staged Photo Set Ups.

  • Tease'd Salon
  • Hair by Cheenah

Bralyn Simmons

Wedding & Event Planner + Coordinator.

Owner of Simmons Sentiments Weddings & Events.

Owner of Brite Branding Studio.

Co Host with TSE of The Perfect Pair Bridal Affair.

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Emily Smith Chaisson

Lifestyle Photographer.

Owner of RhettGrace Photography L.L.C

Second shooter with TSE for wedding photography, events, etc.

Full time Marketing Director and Medical Assistant.

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Apart from the talented, young ladies you see pictured above, TSE also has a wide variety of highly recommended vendors. 

We have dozens of small businesses and their owners here in SWLA that we collaborate with often! If you are looking for a particular service outside of the services provided by TSE, just leave us a detailed inquiry and we will get you connected!

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